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We can help… One of ai:consortia’s specialisms  is assisting clients with globalization and in particular the move ‘Into Europe’. Are you considering where  your growth will come from in the...

We can help…

One of ai:consortia’s specialisms  is assisting clients with globalization and in particular the move ‘Into Europe’.

Are you considering where  your growth will come from in the coming years?

What opportunities does globalisation offer  to you?

Have you tried previously to move into Europe without success?

Is your European business in need of re-focussing?

Over the last 12 month ai:consortia has specialised in assisting companies in expanding their B2B Business across the Atlantic divide.  From initial market analysis to product management and new business development, we are your long term partner in bridging the complexity of moving into a new market.

In these challenging times expansion into new geographical markets it can be difficult to justify the investment.  ai:consortia allows you to take a low risk approach to expansion.

We have a 3 step expansion plan:

Step 1: Validate the Market and Generate Strategy

Before investing large sums of money on expansion plans, we spend some time validating your initial assumptions and run a tailored feasibility study which validates the market opportunity.

Using our technology experience we analyse your products to identify regional product requirements which need to be met to penetrate the market.  By using our market research partners and industry contacts we can offer anonymous cost effective validation of opportunities before any commitment is made.  Identifying target customers, competition and environmental analysis information is all provided along with recommendations of how to penetrate the market.

There are several key advantages to this approach. All costs are agreed up front and you have no long term staffing issues or office costs.  We are independent and offer an unbiased view. We want you to be successful and we give honest appraisals, if we don’t think the opportunity is there we will say so.  If we validate the opportunity we will advise an appropriate strategy to take your product to market.  We will also be prepared to offer our services to implement that strategy.

Step 2: New Business Development (NBD)

Once the green light is given to the strategy we can offer our NBD services and begin to take the first steps in obtaining a foot hold in the new market.  Initial targeted relationships are built and sales opportunities sought, full customer management including sales and technical support is offered locally in the correct time zone.   In these early stages the business can grow with no staffing costs or long term commitments.

Step 3: Planned Hand Over

Once the business has its first foothold in the new market we can assist in the creation of a full time presence in the region and the managed hand over of customer and opportunities.

This three step approach allows minimal commitment and risk while exploring new markets until you are confidence of success.

Our key selling points:

Low cost low risk – you only pay for work done as a service with no need for long term commitments to employees or office space.

Local – by being based in the local time zone we are in a better position to both understand your customer needs and support them in a timely manner while you sleep…

Partners – We have in-house technology and business experts and have a number of partners we can call upon for specialist knowledge or advice for market research, PR, legal issues, accounting practices or logistics allowing us to keep costs to a minimum while offering a world class service.


In these tough economic times we offer a flexible costing structure, we want you to succeed and as such we run a three tier approach to charging our clients:

  1. Monthly retainer – covers basic costs of providing the service, this can change depending on activity but is always agreed up front.
  2. Expenses and 3rd party partners costs, these are agreed up front and are transparent
  3. Profit share – our success is based on your success, we only make a profit when you do, we can agree a profit share / bonus scheme which can incentivise for either short term or long term goals

For more information please contact us…

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