Returning fire, Cablevision ad claims Optimum is faster than FiOS

One month after settling a false advertising lawsuit it had filed against Verizon (NYSE: VZ) related to its high-speed Internet service, Cablevision (NYSE: CVC) began running TV spots on Friday that claim its Optimum Online service is faster than the telco’s basic FiOS Internet product.

Cablevision Optimum versus FiOS

Cablevision’s latest Optimum ad. Click here for the video.

Cablevision sued Verizon in early December, after it began running ads that said it was delivering slower speeds than the 15 Mbps it advertises for Optimum Online. The FiOS ads depicted Cablevision subscribers rolling their eyes as they wait for an Internet page to load.

The new Cablevision ads show subscribers in a similar setting to the FiOS ads whose eyes bulge when the narrator says that tests in recent months show that Cablevision offers faster Internet speeds than Verizon. “The tests prove it. Optimum Online is faster than basic FiOS. Quite the eye opener, wouldn’t you say?”

Cablevision says its comparison was based on average speeds delivered by FiOS Internet and Optimum Online over a 24 hour period. Both Verizon and Cablevision market speeds of 15 Mbps for their basic high-speed Internet services.

The Verizon-Cablevision suit began after the telco began running ads that said Cablevision was delivering only 90 percent of the 15 Mbps it advertised for Optimum Online. The telco’s ads were based on an FCC report released last August. Cablevision dropped its false advertising lawsuit against Verizon after it stopped running its ads.

Verizon spokesman Bill Kula dismissed the claims that Cablevision makes in its new TV spot, insisting that FiOS Internet is the “fastest and most reliable Internet service in the nation.”

“The notion that Cablevision is comparing its broadband speed to our entry level only speed tier, 155 Mbps fails to tell the broader story. Our flagship 2525, 3535 and 5020 Mbps FiOS Internet speeds offered with FiOS Digital Voice and FiOS TV in New York metro race past Cablevision’s mainstream 10 Mbps offer, but our regional rival wouldn’t dare to compare that stark contrast,” Kula said in a statement Monday. “Consumers deserve to be told the whole story. When given a choice of side by side offers, we are confident the FiOS factor will prevail not just against Cablevision, but our other cable modem competitors,” he added. 

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